Passing-Bablok Regression: R code for SAS users

While at the Joint Statistical Meeting a few weeks ago I was talking to a friend about various aspects to clinical trials. He indicated that no current R package was able to perfectly reproduce Passing-Bablok (PB) regression so that it exactly matched SAS. He ultimately wrote a couple of functions and kindly shared them with… Read More »

When Discussing Confidence Level With Others…

This post spawned from a discussion I had the other day. Confidence intervals are notoriously a difficult topic for those unfamiliar with statistics. I can’t really think of another statistical topic that is so widely published in newspaper articles, television, and elsewhere that so few people really understand. It’s been this way since the moment… Read More »

Data Scientists and Statisticians: Can’t We All Just Get Along

It seems that the title “data science” has taken the world by storm.  It’s a title that conjures up almost mystical abilities of a person garnering information from oceans of data with ease.  It’s where a data scientist can wave his or her hand like a Jedi Knight and simply tell the data what it… Read More »

JSM 2013 – Wednesday

I was able to attend a continuing education short course workshops at the JSM conference that proved to be quite insightful.  The discussion was on data mining and was titled “Applied Data Mining Analysis: A Step-by-Step Introduction Using Real-World Data Sets”.  The presentation was given by Dan Steinberg and the examples that he gave were… Read More »

JSM 2013 – Tuesday

The Joint Statistical Meeting in Montreal has proven to be very good.   Here are a few highlight from Tuesday’s sessions.  There is one major problem that exists and that is there are too many good sessions to attend.  During one time block I had six session that I wanted to go to.  Unfortunately, it… Read More »

JSM 2013 – Monday

I am currently attending the 2013 Joint Statistical Meeting in Montreal. I will try to share a few of the things that I take away each day. Last night (Monday) I attended the JSM keynote speaker with Nate Silver and it proved to be a very interesting discussion.  Silver is best known for his work… Read More »

Imputing Missing Data With Expectation – Maximization

It can be fairly common to find missing values in a dataset. Having only a few missing values isn’t generally a problem and those records can be deleted listwise. In other words the entire record is simply removed from the analysis. The problem is even with a limited amount missing data, that can translate into… Read More »

Using R to Produce Scalable Vector Graphics for the Web

Statistical software is normally used during the analysis stage of a project and a cleaned up static graphic is created for the presentation.  If the presentation is in web format then there are some considerations that are needed. The trick is to find ways to implement those graphs in that web format so the graph… Read More »

Software Packages for Graphs and Charts

Graphs can be an important feature of analysis. A graph that has been well designed and put together can make summary statistics much more readable and increase the interpretability. It also makes reports and articles looks more professional. There are many software packages that are available to design great graphs and charts.  This seems to… Read More »