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Text Mining

When it comes down to it R does a really good job handling structured data like matrices and data frames. However, its ability to work with unstructured data is still a work in progress. It can and it does handle text mining but the documentation is incomplete and the capabilities still don’t compare to other… Read More »

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Topic Modeling the October 2012 LDS General Conference

Twice a year, once in May, and once in October, there is the obligatory discussion on the theme of the semi-annual LDS general conference.  The importance of a conference of this type is that each person can take away key principles that will help improve their lives and that is the theme for them. But… Read More »

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Jim Lehrer Word Cloud from the 2012 Presidential Debate

So there are word clouds going around for the 1st presidential debate between Obama and Romney.  What about Jim Lehrer’s word cloud?  What are his important words?  For those that care this word cloud uses the R package “wordcloud”.

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