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Imputing Missing Data With Expectation – Maximization

It can be fairly common to find missing values in a dataset. Having only a few missing values isn’t generally a problem and those records can be deleted listwise. In other words the entire record is simply removed from the analysis. The problem is even with a limited amount missing data, that can translate into… Read More »

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Some Common Approaches for Analyzing Likert Scales and Other Categorical Data

Analyzing Likert scale responses really comes down to what you want to accomplish (e.g. Are you trying to provide a formal report with probabilities or are you trying to simply understand the data better). Sometimes a couple of graphs are sufficient and a formalize statistical test isn’t even necessary. However, with how easy it is… Read More »

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Using R to Produce Scalable Vector Graphics for the Web

Statistical software is normally used during the analysis stage of a project and a cleaned up static graphic is created for the presentation.  If the presentation is in web format then there are some considerations that are needed. The trick is to find ways to implement those graphs in that web format so the graph… Read More »

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