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Software Packages for Graphs and Charts

Graphs can be an important feature of analysis. A graph that has been well designed and put together can make summary statistics much more readable and increase the interpretability. It also makes reports and articles looks more professional. There are many software packages that are available to design great graphs and charts.  This seems to… Read More »

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Latent Class Modeling Election Data

Latent class analysis is a useful tool that is used to identify groups within multivariate categorical data.  An example of this is the likert scale. In categorical language these groups are known as latent classes. As a simple comparison this can be compared to the k-means multivariate cluster analysis. There are several key differences between the… Read More »

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Hey, I Just Did a Significance Test!

I’ve seen it happens quite often. The sig test. Somebody simply needs to know the p-value and that one number will provide all of the information about the study that they need to know. The dataset is presented and the client/boss/colleague/etc invariably asks the question “is it significant?” and “what’s the correlation?”. To quote R.A.… Read More »

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