I did my undergraduate work in biostatistics focusing primarily on marine life, ecology, that sort of thing. I finished my graduate work in statistics and spent most of that time working with computational and survey (e.g. election exit polling) statistics using R, SAS, and SUDAAN.

The hope is to share information and provide nuggets of information and examples on solving statistical problems.  I like to focus on statistical problems generally but I often write code or other automated process to do so. I like to provide short snippets of useful examples and code from a variety of statistical topics. Though occasionally I will provide some longer discussions. I wish I had more time to add more lengthy articles. These examples originate from problems I encounter throughout the day and are generally the notes I have taken over the years that I have found useful.

I often work with geostatistics, iterative/simulation processes, large-scale datasets, and multivariate modeling but I work with any statistics I can get my hands on.

I can be contacted by email at clint [at] statistical-research.com.

-Clint Stevenson

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